Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching (LEI)

Obtain your Bachelor’s degree in ELT in just 1 year, through the best international institution with the highest recognition in the field of English Language Teaching worldwide, International House University.

    Our programme

    This programme was designed taking into account your work experience, deepening the theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills that will help you achieve a bachelor's degree from the comfort of your home 100% online!

    Upon completion of the programme, you will have developed the knowledge, skills and competencies to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching, with the additional benefit of an international qualification in advanced methodology in English Language Teaching issued by International House World Organization (IHWO) and one of the best universities in the world through Cambridge Assessment English, as well as the IELTS certificate.

    + 60 years of experience

    + 50 countries

    + 160 schools in the world

    + 5800 qualified teachers

    Why study your BA with International House University?

    Dual recognition through CENEVAL and Cambridge Assessment English

    You will gain an internationally recognised  diploma by Ambridge Assessment English, and professional degree trough SEP-CENEVAL.

    Job listings

    You will have access to our global job network.

    Work internationally

    We prepare teachers capable of working in any country around the world.

    Teaching experience

    Excellent reputation in the ELT market and the teaching world.

    Double recognition

    Both Cambridge Assessment English  and International House World Organization recognize this programme.


    The programme can be delivered 100% online.

    The programme has the following characteristics:

    1. Theory and reflection on your practice.
    2. Asynchronous research work
    3. Collaborative team projects and tasks
    4. Development of case studies
    5. Content based on your context and personalized to your needs.
    6. Synchronous sessions with an expert and qualified tutor (all of our tutors have master's level training from the University of Cambridge).


    Quarterly study programme

    The LEI programme runs over 1 year, with 4 quarterly periods, each devoted to a thematic block of learning

    1st Block 2nd Block 3rd Block 4th Block
    Theories of Language Learning Analysis and Teaching of Lexis Testing and Assessment  Academic Research
    Linguistic and Affective Needs Discourse and Text Analysis Educational Technologies
    Approaches, Methods and Techniques Receptive skills Material Design Academic Writing and Thesis  
    Applied Linguistics and Origins of English Phonology and Phonetics Professional Development and Practice 
    Applied Lesson Frameworks Productive Skills

    LEI Graduate Profile

    The LEI graduate is critical, thoughtful, creative, and ethical with pedagogical, linguistic and technological theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to the field of education and teaching and learning of English. Likewise, this professional generates learning spaces in relation to the needs of their students in different contexts, whether in an online or face to face setting, keeping in mind the necessary cultural, contextual, and educational needs of the students and institutions where they works.

    Specific skills

    1. Ability to analyze and implement language acquisition theories.
    2. Design and evaluation of materials for teaching English based on different currents, models and pedagogical approaches.
    3. Lesson planning of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in different contexts.
    4. Assessment of language use and learning.
    5. Understanding of the pedagogical and theoretical context in practice and the acquisition of language and linguistic knowledge that allow them to facilitate the learning and teaching process of English.
    6. Strategic and critical organization and leadership in ELT.
    7. Classroom Management in different educational contexts.
    8. Use of information and communication technologies in synchronous and asynchronous environments in the teaching of English.

    What competencies will you develop?

    Theoretical knowledge about teaching that will make you a more informed professional

    The Ability to teach practically and develop auto-analytical skills to be a more reflective teacher

    Sensitivity to know  what to expect from a certification course and prepare yourself to take one (for example Delta.)

    Planning and management of educational resources in different contexts

    Theoretical knowledge necessary for the first-grade level qualification.

    Extra benefits

    • International seminars (Webinars) by personalized invitation from International House University.
    • Job database through more than 2000 schools with which we work in the country.
    • *If you are ICELT or CAM qualified, we offer RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)








    Programme Fee - Bachelor’s Degree in ELT (Licenciatura Ejecutiva en Enseñanza del Inglés – LEI) - Online

    • Annual Registration Fee: $10,000 MXN
    • Monthly fee(1 year of study):$5,000 MXN

    * Final examination fee not included.


    Next dates

    Fecha inicio Fecha final
    apr 23, 2022 apr 21, 2023
    oct 22, 2022 oct 21, 2023

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    Our teachers have the DELTA diploma (master level in English)

    César Sánchez Nava

    IH Cuernavaca

    Teacher Trainer

    10 años de experiencia

    Carmen Torres

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    15 años de experiencia

    Eliberto Salinas

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    18 años de experiencia

    Ricardo Fajardo

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    20 años de experiencia

    Orlando Delgado Mata

    IH Condesa

    Director Teacher Trainer

    17 años de experiencia

    Miguel Sainz

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    6 años de experiencia

    Talia Montaño

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    22 años de experiencia

    Andrew Watson

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    25 años de experiencia

    Liliana Sanchez

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    20 años de experiencia

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