Kids & Teens

Your children will master English in a competitive future thanks to the language tools they will develop within the safe facilities and environment at IH.

    Why take English classes at IH?

    Our unique and comprehensive program combines PBL (project-based learning) and focuses on the development of 21st century skills.


    Fun classes designed to motivate an interest in learning.


    Dynamic syllabuses according to the age of every child.


    A variety of Monday to Saturday schedules


    Schools and courses all around the country


    Teachers with a pedagogical methodology for children


    Formulation of projects that develop 21st century skills.


    Meet one of our Success Stories

    Meet Lina Morales, 12-year-old mother of Andrea, who takes her daughter to International House because she has increased her English skills and has fun while learning.


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    All of our English programs are based on the Common European Framework and prepare you to take certifications according to your level.

    Very young learners


    LEVEL 1


    LEVEL 2

    Polar Bears

    LEVEL 3

    3 - 6 years old



    LEVEL 1


    LEVEL 2


    LEVEL 3

    7 - 12 years old

    Teens course

    Combines the strengths of the Adults and Kids English programs

    Time Travelers

    3 Levels

    World Trotters

    3 Levels

    Global Citizens

    3 Levels

    40 hours per level (ask for the Save and Learn package)

    Precios de los cursos de inglés


    • Entre semana o sábados: $1,499 al mes por módulos de 40 hrs.Pregunta por el programa Save and Learn con mensualidades desde $1,499 más IVA *cupo limitado.


    Combina las virtudes del programa de inglés para adultos y el de Kids

    • 3 módulos de 6 niveles cada uno
    • Time Travelers 1-6 (A1-A2)
    • World Trotters 1-6 (A2+, B1)
    • Global Citizens 1-6 (B2)

    40 horas por nivel, pregunta por paquete Save and Learn: $1,499 pesos +IVA *cupo limitado.


    Con el pasaporte kids desarrollamos la multiculturalidad de nuestros alumnos, ya que con él tienen la oportunidad de vivir momentos únicos como: Día de las Culturas, IH Fair, Día de las Artes y la Música, también 21st Century Skills y PBL Learning. Al mismo precio que Kids.

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    IH Cuernavaca

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    Find out about our syllabus

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    Do you have more questions?

    When will my child be able to speak English?

    Children start speaking for the first day of classes, obviously to their level.

    How is my child going to understand the class if they don’t speak any English at all?

    We employ different techniques and methodological tools to make us understand and that the student can understand, absorb and produce results.

    What ages do you take on?

    Groups are formed for children aged 6 to 12 years (KIDS) and 13 to 15 years (TEENS)

    What levels do you provide?

    For KIDS and TEENS, we provide 3 levels for each. Each level consists of 6 modules, with 36 hours in each module.

    Do we provide materials?

    No, the cost of the course does not include materials. These will have an additional cost.