Experience Spanish Immersion in MEXICO CITY

Make friends from all over the world while studying Spanish at International House


Why study Spanish at International House?


Multicultural, friendly and safe environment


Located at the heart of one of Mexico's trendiest neighbourhoods with coffee shops, bars & night clubs


Our activities bring students together and help them learn Spanish


Restaurants, museums, attractions and landmarks are just steps away from our campus


Our Colonial House provides the perfect environment for learning and socializing

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Facility Highlights

  • Wifi

  • Computer access

  • Social activities

  • Guide information

  • Easy access to public transportation

  • Balcony/ Terrace

Discover some of our Spanish courses

Intensive Course

It offers a high degree of flexibility; you can do as many weeks as you want.

Private Course

One-on-one classes or two students with the same level who want to study together

Spanish for families

Enjoy a great family holiday and top it off with a Spanish course. We have courses for all ages and levels.

Students from all around the world come to Mexico City to study Spanish and have fun at International House

  • USA

  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • England

  • Sweden

  • France

  • Brazil

  • Netherlands

  • Canada

  • China

Start dates!

  • January

    • 7
    • 21
  • February

    • 5
    • 18
  • March

    • 4
    • 19
  • April

    • 1
    • 22
  • May

    • 6
    • 20
  • June

    • 3
    • 17
  • July

    • 1
    • 15
    • 29
  • August

    • 12
    • 26
  • September

    • 9
    • 23
  • October

    • 7
    • 21
  • November

    • 4
    • 19

Spanish Course Prices

  • 1-4 weeks: $230 USD p/week
  • 5-12 weeks : $210 USD p/week
  • 13 -23 weeks: $195 USD p/week
  • 24 weeks or more: $185 USD p/week
  • 42 weeks (academic year): $155 USD p/week

  • One-on-one: $30 USD p/hour
  • Two students together: $35 USD p/hour

  • Course book, approx: $50 USD

IH Sales !

IH Condesa

20% de descuento si te inscribes entre el 25 de agosto y el 7 de septiembre del 2019

IH Cuernavaca

Curso propedéutico sin costo si te inscribes antes del 25 de agosto del 2019

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a visa to enter Mexico?

Please make sure you check if you will need a visa before making your booking. We will be able to provide a letter of enrollment for your course, but we don’t handle the visa process.

Do I need to get any vaccines?

Mexico doesn’t require its visitors to have any vaccinations. However, you are strongly recommended to check your country’s health advice, and especially your vaccination records for Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A.

What should I pack?

  • Acceptance Letter. Pack your acceptance letter and IH documentation (given by your IH representative) in your hand luggage so that’s easier to access on arrival.
  • Student visa. If applies, ensure that your student visa is with your passport in your hand luggage. You’ll need your student visa when passing through immigration.
  • $1,000 pesos in cash. Store this cash on your body or in your hand luggage. Try to avoid counting or pulling out your money in busy public places.
  • Homestay or apartment address details. Pack it within your hand luggage so they are easier to access on your arrival.
  • Proof of your Health/Medical Insurance.
  • Correct clothing. Pack something warm in your hand luggage and ensure that you are wearing layers in case you get hot.
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances. Remember standard voltage in Mexico is 120 volts and the fitting may be different so bring an adaptor.
  • Prescription medication. Pack medication carefully in the original packet in case you are asked questions in customs on your arrival or departure.
  • Emergency information stored in your wallet or purse.

How do I get from the airport to my homestay or accommodation?

The easiest way is to book a transfer with your school. If you prefer, taxis and buses are available. Taxi service costs vary depending on the city you are going to and the distance to your stay. Make sure you take one of the authorized taxi companies. You should never take a taxi from the street.

Would there be Wi-Fi available?

You will be able to find Wi-Fi mostly everywhere you go in Mexico but have in mind some places might have a slow connection. Restaurants, bars, cafes, and even plazas usually have a free internet connection for the customers. Our schools have it available for free and we also have a computer room. If you book a stay with a Mexican family, some maybe offer it and some may not.

Do I need to tip?

Tipping in Mexico is very common, a 10% tip is appropriate.
Watch out! Check your bill for the words “propina” or “prop.” or to see if ten or more per cent has been added somewhere. In this case, the tip has been included already.

Tipping staff other than waiters is vital to a pleasant stay. A buck or two on the first day will mean a tidier room, a friendlier clerk, etc. Also don’t forget to tip your attentive tour guide, your divemaster, etc. if you are satisfied with the service. And please leave a few pesos for the kid or elder person that packs your bags in the supermarket. Tips make up a major percentage of income for many people. Taxi drivers are not usually tipped. If he carries half a ton of luggage for you, you might consider it nonetheless.