CLIL Certificate

Content Language Integrated Learning

    What is the CLIL certificate

    Content and Language Integrated Learning, or CLIL, is a fast, fun, and effective way of teaching English through specific subjects such as science, history, mathematics and more, with dual-focused aims of learning the subject-specific content while also studying the English language. Combine General English classes with lessons focused on examining different aspects of the CLIL methodology and practical application.

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    What will you learn?

    This course covers a range of topics related
    to Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), including:

    • CLIL & language learning
    • What is CLIL?
    • CLIL & SLA
    • CLIL & methodology
    • Resources, tasks & materials
    • Thinking skills in CLIL
    • Content & language activities in CLIL
    • Materials & resources for teachers & learners
    • Planning for CLIL
    • Learner language for CLIL classes
    • Consolidating learning & differentiating for CLIL

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    How will this course help you develop?

    This course will give you a solid grounding in CLIL if you are a newly qualified teacher entering this branch of ELT and it will help you develop existing skills if you already work in this sector. You will look at how to incorporate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) techniques into subject teaching to aid learner understanding of instructions, materials and explanations.

    You will also look at materials creation, how to develop learner autonomy, theories of second language acquisition and how they link to CLIL. This course will equip you to operate more effectively in this context and also encourage you to take elements of it into general primary and secondary teaching.

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    Dates and prices

    July 13, 2020 August 14, 2020


    • Programme Fee: $300 USD
    • Further work fee: $50 USD

    • In-service teaching experience in any subject
    • B1+ Level of English
    • IT skills


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    Further Work and Personalised Support

    Tutorial With Specialist

    Book a 60-minute online tutorial with an online learning specialist.

    The tutorial will be conducted through an online platform (e.g. Zoom) and give you the chance to discuss aspects of your CLIL delivery which are most important in your context. You can submit questions in advance, or ask them live to the learning specialist during the tutorial.

    The tutorial should take place within four weeks of starting the course. As a supplement, you could be observed teaching a 30-45min class, and receive personalised feedback on this.

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    Do you have more questions?

    ¿Is the certificate recognized by SEP?

    It is not recognized by the Secretary of Public Education, only by IHWO and the University of Cambridge.

    Do you offer online courses?

    Yes, we offer a BLENDED course (online and in-person).

    Does the course have official validation?

    It is validated by IHWO and the University of Cambridge.