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IH accompanies you during the Cambridge Assessment English certification process, from enrolment to the delivery of your certificates

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Monte Sinaí School managed to increase its academic level using the English certifications that it gave to its students.

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Performance summary and recommendations per school compared with other institutions nationwide

Annual strategy training course for teachers and coordinators

Option of taking the exams in IH or in your establishment

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Parents can pay exam fees directly

Personalized support, regardless of the number of students and school level

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Does IH help me determine the exams that each student should take?

Yes, we provide online and paper diagnostic tests (mock) that your institution applies to students and based on the results we advise you on the most appropriate exams for each student. Request a sample of our self-qualifying online exams here.

Do we need to have a certain schedule or a minimum level of English to certify?

To determine if your institution can take certain certifications, the first step is to schedule an appointment with an advisor to learn about your English program, your exit profile and your needs and objectives in English teaching. Request your appointment here.

How can I become a preparation centre?

After booking an exam you can register as an international exam preparation centre. Once you have made the first registration you must provide us with the following information to register with Cambridge Assessment English: main contact information and some information about your institution.

Does there have to be a minimum number of students at my school in order to take the exams?

Yes, but first, we must verify that your facilities comply with the Cambridge Assessment English international guidelines regarding spaces, furniture and lighting and verify that there is availability on the dates you want to take the exams. We suggest you request a meeting with an advisor check all the details.

What is the added value of certifying with IH?

When booking your Cambridge Assessment English exams, we offer you a package of unique benefits that you will not find with other certification centres, within which the following stand out:

a) Dates of application during all the months of the year; with IH you will find available dates throughout the entire year, all authorized by Cambridge Assessment English worldwide so that you have more available time to take these exams.

b) b) Performance summary of the certifications taken annually (from 20 exams of each type) with proposals and suggestions for improvement by language ability; in addition to this, we include a national comparison of all the institutions that performed the same exam as your institution, indicating the place they achieved nationwide.

c) Self-qualifying online mocks (diagnostic tests) with summaries of results, which will save many hours of work and analysis to determine the exam to be taken by each student.

d) d) Effective preparation strategy course for the Cambridge Assessment English exams. This 30-hour course, conducted by academic tutors specialized in certifications, will give teachers techniques used to achieve better certifications results.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants and discover the rest of the benefits.

If I change my certification centre to IH, do I have to notify Cambridge and my current centre?

You just have to send us a letter expressing your desire to take your English certifications with IH Mexico and we will manage the centre change with Cambridge Assessment English.