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Improve the communication skills of your teams and boost the performance and productivity of your company.

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Successful companies that have achieved effective English communication with IH.

Why take Business English at IH?


Practical and adaptable classes (different delivery formats, different modalities)


Courses tailored to your industry


On site classes at your office, at an IH school or on our live platform


Certified teachers with business experience


Courses suitable for any level of English

Private courses or group courses of up to 15 people


Courses have 60 hours per level, and every level has 5 additional hours of practical communication


A flexible program designed to meet the goals of each team, measuring their progress and optimizing the budget

Find out about the English programs that adapt to suit your needs.

  • Business English Program
  • Beginner

    Level 1

    Level 2


    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Upper intermediate

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Level 8

    This program covers A1 to B1 using the Common European Framework

  • Advanced Business English Program
  • Upper intermediate

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Level 8

    This program covers A1 to B1 using the Common European Framework

Find out about the skills that you can develop at each level of English.

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Do you have any more questions?

How many levels does the IH English program have?

- Business English Program: 8 levels
- Business Advanced Program:  4 levels

How long does each level take?

Business English Program: 8 levels,
60 hours per level

Business Advanced Program: 4 levels,
60 hours per level

Do you have to pay for a placement test?

The placement test offered by IH is free.

Where are the teachers that give the classes from?

The team of teachers are from different parts of the world and all have a certification from the University of Cambridge.

What is the average price of books?

Prices vary according to the level and the assigned program.

Do you offer a record of study?

Of course, you can apply for it in the academic area.

Do you offer virtual classes?

Yes, we have the best technology in place.