Courses for English teachers with little to no teaching experience


Develop your professional career as a teacher and get better job opportunities with the most valuable certifications in English teaching, in Mexico and around the world.

Teacher's Course


Develop your skills as an English teacher by teaching children and teenagers

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More than 10,000 people a year teach with this certification around the world

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Teach Spanish to foreigners with the accreditation of the Cervantes Institute, which has international recognition.

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+ 60

years in the market

+ 50


+ 160

schools worldwide

+ 5800

qualified teachers

Why get certified at IH Mexico?

IH is the largest language teacher training centre in Mexico


Nationwide availability

IH offers courses and certifications throughout the Mexican Republic.


International Job Board

IH Mexico has a global network of IHWO schools.


Specific courses and certifications

IH offers courses and certifications for each stage of your career as a teacher.


Certified teachers

All our teachers have the master’s degree in English Teaching (DELTA) moderated by Cambridge University.


Course Flexibility

Options to take the courses online, in person or mixed depending on your schedule.