Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language Teaching

English and Spanish

A face-to-face degree with official recognition (RVOE) that boosts the teaching of two languages (English and Spanish).


Only available on the Cuernavaca and Veracruz campuses.

Our graduates have the chance to work in the best in schools in Mexico and around the world.

Every IH school provides after-school programs when classes have finished.


Find out how Ian, a graduate of the Bachelor's of Foreign Language Teaching program, will be able to work in any part of the world, working in many areas that involve English or Spanish. 

What areas can you work in once you have finished the course?

  • Teaching materials related to foreign languages or teach classes in English or Spanish throughout Mexico and the world.
  • Analyse, design and evaluate programs in various levels of the education system
  • Work in the communication departments of transnational companies
  • Perform text translations and provide academic advice
  • Develop and coordinate workplace strategies in language departments
  • Provide online language teaching courses
  • Work in the training departments of transnational companies
  • Work in technology companies that develop mobile language applications

Why choose this degree?


Unique program

A unique program that develops mastery of the two languages that have the greatest impact on our world.


International certifications include

English certifications moderated by the University of Cambridge, and Spanish certifications endorsed by Instituto Cervantes


Job database guaranteed

IH provides a national and international job database


International exchanges

We have settlements with the University of Augburg Minnessota and with Kansas State University


Scholarships and support for foreign students

We provide scholarships of up to 50%, depending on grades and academic achievements.


Professional placements

Students carry out their placements as assistant teachers, editorial translation and other areas.

International Exchanges

Cultural Interaction Program at the Augsburg University of Minessota

The International House university centre and the Augsburg University of Minessota share a humanistic view of education and with international educational standards. Both establishments offer a Intercultural Communication Competency program with curricular credit.

Postgraduate Students Program at the Kansas State University

A partnership agreement with Kansas State University, through which students can access postgraduate scholarships. Every year our students have the opportunity to study a master’s degree in Spanish Language Teaching, receive scholarships and work as assistant teachers. They can also attend congresses, symposiums and conferences offered by the University.

What skills will you obtain?

Language learning in order to teach at different levels of education.

Technology used in education.

Structure of ideas for oral and written communication.

Leadership skills in academic and research contexts.

Physcopedagogical and cultural attitudes.

Intercultural appreciation.

Comprehensive face-to-face and online learning.

Critical thinking.

Further understanding of your native language.

Assertive communication when in public.

Teamworking and effective time management.

Competence in linguistic and discursive subjects.

Certificates included in the bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Teaching

Download the syllabus and find out more about our requirements and scholarships.

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Precios de la licenciaturas

  • Cuernavaca
  • Veracruz
  • O déjanos tus datos y nuestros asesores se podrán en contacto para explicarte a detalle tus dudas

  • O déjanos tus datos y nuestros asesores se podrán en contacto para explicarte a detalle tus dudas

Precios de la licenciatura sede Cuernavaca

  • Inscripción $4,000 (anual)
  • Seguro $500 (anual)
  • Curso propedéutico $2,000 (pago único)
  • Colegiatura $7,000 (mensual) *becas disponibles

Becas disponibles

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Precios de la licenciatura sede Veracruz

  • Inscripción $3,765 (cuatrimestral)
  • Seguro $500 (anual)
  • Curso propedéutico no tiene costo
  • Colegiatura $4,500 (mensual)

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