Programmes for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Access better job opportunities in México and around the world teaching Spanish to foreigners with this program from International House. We are the only teacher training centre recognized by IHWO and accredited by the Cervantes Institute

    What is the FPELE course?

    The “Formación de Profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera (FPELE)” (Training for professors of Spanish as a foreign language) is a course directed towards individuals without teaching experience; its principal characteristic is the communicative approach, which makes classes practical, functional and suited to the real needs of Spanish language students.


    The FPELE course is divided into theoretical sessions (methodology and language analysis), lesson planning and class preparation, and teaching practice.

    + 50 countries

    + 60 years ofexperience

    + 160 schools around the world

    + 5800 Qualified teachers

    Why study the FPELE course in International House?

    The FPELE certificate is recognized around the world, providing exciting job opportunities for FPELE students as foreign schools and institutions often prefer Spanish teachers that have this training.


    Certified tutors

    All of our FPELE tutors are FPELE certified and are trained in teaching methodology



    Certified by International House and accredited by the Cervantes Institute



    We provide opportunities for real teaching practice with real foreigners learning Spanish


    National presence

    We offer the FPELE course in a number of locations around the country

    What skills will you develop?

    The ability to plan and carry out Spanish as a foreign language classes

    Linguistic skills and analysis of educational resources

    Techniques and communicative activities for teaching Spanish

    Develop skills in group dynamics

    Dates FPELE 2021 National (Live Online)

    Intensive courses: Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 3 pm

    Start date End date Holidays
    Apr 12th 2021 May 20th 2021  
    May 31th 2021 Jul 7th 2021  
    Jul 12th 2021 Aug 18th 2021  
    Aug 30th 2021 Oct 7th 2021  
    Sep 20th 2021 Oct 29th 2021  
    Oct 18th 2021 Nov 26th 2021  
    Nov 8th 2021 Dec 17th 2021  

    Extensive courses: Monday to Friday from 5 to 8 pm

    Start date End date Holidays
    Apr 19th 2021 Jun 23th 2021  
    Jun 7th 2021 Aug 10th 2021  
    Aug 16th 2021 Oct 20th 2021  
    Sep 20th 2021 Dec 10th 2021  
    Oct 11th 2021 Dec 31th 2021  
    Nov 22th 2021 Feb 11th, 2022  

    Saturdays: 9:30 am to 3 pm

    Start date End date Holidays
    Jun 05th 2021 Dec 11th 2021  

    FPELE Course Price


    $25,200 MXN

    The materials and certificate are included in the cost of the course.

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    Who is this course directed towards?

    • You don’t need previous experience as it is an initial teacher training course.
    • Individuals aged 18 and above who have finished at least finished high school.

    Our tutors are FPELE certified and trained in teaching methodology

    César Sánchez Nava

    IH Cuernavaca

    Teacher Trainer

    10 years of experience

    Carmen Torres

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    15 years of experience

    Eliberto Salinas

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    18 years of experience

    Ricardo Fajardo

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    20 years of experience

    Orlando Delgado Mata

    IH Condesa

    Director Teacher Trainer

    17 years of experience

    Miguel Sainz

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    6 years of experience

    Talia Montaño

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    22 years of experience

    Andrew Watson

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    25 years of experience

    Liliana Sanchez

    IH Condesa

    Teacher Trainer

    20 years of experience

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the course directed towards? Do I need to have previous teaching experience?

    To individuals with or without teaching experience that wish to acquire the necessary tools to give effective Spanish classes to foreigners, without needing to know another language, in Mexico or another part of the world; to update their teaching practice as a language teacher or create a Spanish department in the schools where they work.

    What topics does FPELE cover?

    • Communicative competence
    • Language analysis
    • Intercultural competence
    • Linguistic skills
    • Learning styles, representation systems and multiple intelligences
    • Evaluation
    • Phonetics and Phonology
    • Grammar
    • Classroom management
    • The Common European Framework (CEF)
    • Methods and Methodologies
    • Lesson planning
    • Technology in the Spanish classroom

    What are the objectives of the course?

    Train individuals with or without teaching experience that wish to obtain an international certificate, so that they select the proper methodology for each class, establish a criteria for selecting and adapting textbooks and authentic materials, prepare evaluation activities, understand the elements of a well-managed class and parts of a lesson plan so that they can develop plans for their classes effectively.

    How do I complete the course?

    To complete the course and receive your FPELE certificate, you must attend a minimum of 80% of the classes, meaning that you can only miss four classes.

    Classes begin punctually and you will be considered late if you arrive 20 minutes after the class begins.

    The minimum passing grade for the course is 7 points. Upon beginning the course, we will review the evaluation criteria and answer any questions.

    It is also required to cover the total cost of the course. For this reason, we invite you to read the section “Payment plans”.

    What is included and not included in the cost of the course?


    • The completion of 100% of the offered hours (140) scheduled on the calendar.
    • You will receive your FPELE work portfolio.
    • The use of the facilities (rooms and patio) during course hours.


    • Additional topics that are not listed in the initial study plan.
    • Additional classes to makeup student absences.
    • Additional materials beyond what we provide (photocopies, replacing lost files, materials for practice lessons).
    • Use of facilities outside of course hours.
    • Printing of assignments and individual tasks, such materials required for presentations. Coffee break services and food.

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    Existe una terminal de pago con tarjeta de crédito en International House y aceptamos todas las tarjetas menos American Express.