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Conoce cómo nuestros alumnos estudiaron un año en Canadá y ahora son más seguros de sí mismos dominando el inglés y teniendo nuevos amigos de todo el mundo.

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International House offers many different programs to learn English abroad

  • English courses abroad
  • Our courses are designed to develop language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    We adapt our lessons to the needs of each class.

  • Summer camps
  • Students learn to make decisions independently and develop life skills.

    All activities are always carefully prepared and supervised.

  • High School and Preparatory programs
  • We have a wide variety of school courses: visual and performing arts, computer science, sports and more.

    They also include extensive extracurricular activities: student clubs, trips, sports communities and recreational facilities.

  • University and postgraduate programs
  • Boost your personal and professional growth and start or continue your academic studies at universities in Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia and Spain, either for:

    • Bachelor's degrees
    • Technical careers
    • Diplomas
    • Master’s degrees
    • Postgraduate degrees or doctorates (PhD)
  • Study and work
  • Studying whilst working guarantees a language level that is sufficient for the job selection process in your chosen country.

    You will receive advice for interviews and for creating a CV that allows you to find a job placement immediately.


We also support you throughout English learning process in all of our schools worldwide.

Management and advice provided at all times.

Personalized service with no matter the group or time or year.

International health insurance.

Management of economic flights.

Management of immigration procedures, permits and visas.

Edupass financing.

International driver's license.

Transport to and from the airport.

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